Saturday, June 28, 2014

what's been goin on

I just want to write. And I was trying to be poetic and insightful and damn, that's harder than it sounds.

So y'all get a list.

Because lists knock things loose.

-I have been thinking a lot about balance lately. What balance looks like for my family and how I will achieve it as an individual. What keeps the scales balanced in your life?

-I've been introduced to the Barreamped method. I've been taking classes at a local studio for a few months now and it's been a total change of pace from the heavy lifting I've been doing for the past year. Check out ElleFitness here, and come take a class with me one Tuesday night!

-The change in my physical activity regimen really threw my body for a loop. I've been researching food as medicine, as a result, and I don't just mean dieting. Check out my Pinterest board for what I've found so far... And give me any tips or share any knowledge you may have about juicing, supplementals, essential oils and anti-inflammatory diets.

-I started a new job almost two months ago. That's all I really care to say about that.

-Judah has grown in a very handsome little boy, if I do say so myself. I'm on the look out for new books to keep him interested and local activities he can participate in. Here's what we did on Saturday.

-This is my favorite new recipe.  It's not difficult, or clean, but it's good

-new favorite blog

-I got Olivia hooked on this component of my skin care regimen.  It's simple.  Not organic or expensive or all natural, but it has saved my skin.

-But for those days when my hair or skin, especially my stretch marks, need some extra love here is a DIY skin care recipe I just tried.  And love.  I also use this on Judah after bathtime: sweet, brown baby love.

-This is the local event I plan to attend on the 4th of July.  Lexington is coming ALIVE with creativity, entrepreneurs and a true sense of community.  I plan to experience a little of all of that here: Night Market

- Have any of you ever used a shampoo bar?  Tell me about it.